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Get my Beginner's Checklist to Start Learning Touch Typing!

Do you want to start learning touch typing? If so you should know one thing – it is very important to develop good habits from the very beginning.

It’s hard to do this all by yourself. I know, because I’ve been there. That’s why I’ve made a little checklist-cheatsheet for you to start with. It’s not the perfect solution that will give you everything you need. No, touch typing is way more complex. But it’s a good start.

It’s completely free to download my “Beginner’s Checklist to Start Learning Touch Typing” PDF. You can do that through the form on the right:

Learn To Type Faster

Here you can learn about the best typing methods - ones that give you extreme speed and accuracy when learned properly. In my articles I walk you through many aspects of those methods, review programs and more!

Keyboard Reviews

When you're buying a keyboard you want to get the best in the price range? Or maybe you want to choose the one that fits you the best? This section of my blog is dedicated to real reviews. That's because I buy keyboards to test them myself!

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