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My touch typing course with

As for now, this is a work in progress. I am developing an advanced touch typing course to make learning this skill way more fun than it was when I started.

That is the reason why I began working on my course. When I started learning touch typing there was no program or site dedicated to lead me through this skill step-by-step. I had to gain experience myself. Through trial and error. Thanks to the error part I had to abandon the QWERTY layout because of all the bad habits learned along the way. With this touch typing course, I aim to guide you step-by-step and create a fun learning environment. Not only that. I’m doing my best to make the learning way more effective aswell.

My goal for this course is for you to forget about the learning and grind of touch typing. I want you to be able to learn this skill while simply having fun – no need to rush, compare yourself to unrealistic expectations or force yourself to boring typing practice.

Touch typing is an amazing skill that can give you plenty of benefits. Only a few of those are:

  • Higher accuracy and faster typing speed (the two most obvious ones)
  • Ability to type without looking at your keyboard at all (very useful for coding and high-productivity occupations)
  • Touch typing is way more comfortable than other typing methods. You can sit in a perfectly ergonomic position and type without tilting your head downwards and upwards constantly
  • Higher productivity thanks to typing without looking at the keyboard and less burden of typing (you will be surprised how much touch typing frees your mind)
  • Thanks to the important steps when learning touch typing this method encourages and leads to healthier typing

And the best part is – once you learn it once, touch typing will stay with you pretty much for the rest of your life. It’s like riding a bike – you learn it once and you never forget it!

The course isn't out yet. However, if this seems interesting you can join my touch typing course newsletter:

That’s where I will notify you about the progress alongside some more interesting details. Maybe you’ll give me some suggestions to make this course even better for you in particular? I’m open to your ideas.