10 great benefits from learning touch typing (from my experience)

Touch typing is a great typing method that makes a great difference when it comes to typing. It does a lot to your performance, comfort, and even health.

Today I will talk about all the benefits that you can get from properly learning touch typing. It is really worth learning this skill because of the results that it brings.

What are the benefits of touch typing?

There are two main categories of touch typing benefits. There are results that you get by using touch typing. Often faster you type the better those results are. But there is also another group of results that you get.

Can you guess what are they? Probably not. They are kind of hidden. Those are the results that you get during the learning process.

That’s right, you not only get benefits from getting to a certain level and using touch typing. You also get some results along the journey.

Benefits from learning touch typing (along the way of the learning process itself)

Let’s talk about the benefits that you get just from learning itself. During the process of learning any new skill, you get a few great benefits. Those are not just touch typing benefits. Those benefits you will get once you challenge yourself to learn a new skill.

Well, there is one that is unique to touch typing. But I will talk about it later. Most of those benefits are common to learning any new skill. So if you want to experience those even after you stop learning touch typing you can. Just start learning another skill.

And I’m gonna talk about benefits that are more tied down to touch typing. Not things like „Oh, you get better willpower”. You can train your willpower with touch typing just like any other skill.

Learning touch typing improves mental health

Learning touch typing is a hard thing. It requires you to think a lot. That’s why it’s hard and at the same time, it improves your mental health.

It is very good for our brain to have something hard to solve. Such complex skill like touch typing is a great opportunity for your brain to struggle a bit. It’s like a problem or a maze that you need to solve. It’s all because you need to create complex muscle memory and many small skills to learn touch typing.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Think about it that way – it is healthy for your body to exercise a bit every day. In fact, even jogging once a week is very beneficial for your physical health. Solving hard problems is just like some exercise but for your brain.

Touch typing improves mental health because it requires you to think. While learning touch typing you need to solve a few problems, learn a complex muscle memory map, and a few small skills along the way. It is a perfect exercise for your brain and it keeps it much healthier.

Learning new things, especially more complex skills is very beneficial for your brain. It doesn’t even need to be touch typing. But learning this typing method is definitely one of those complex things to challenge your brain with.

Learning touch typing improves your ability to focus

When you are learning touch typing you need to focus on what you are typing. That makes it a perfect way to train your ability to focus.

It’s not like there is a secret trick to instantly focus much better. No, you need to train it.

Being able to focus is actually an ability. Touch typing practice makes a perfect opportunity to train your focus at the same time as you learn this skill. Especially focusing during touch typing practice makes it that much more effective.

Touch typing is a skill that you need to practice. During that practice, it is very easy to get distracted. Especially that retyping that’s on the screen isn’t really interesting. You can take that as an opportunity to train your focus.

You will not only benefit in learning touch typing from better practice time. This ability to hold attention is great for many other aspects of your life.

It’s simply great. Even if you improve your focus by just a little you still get that for free. As a bonus alongside learning touch typing.

Learning touch typing makes you learn other skills faster

When you are learning a new skill for the first time it is hard. Especially when you are older than the school years or you don’t learn in school. Your brain isn’t used to learning at all. That’s why it is hard just like it’s hard to lift weights for the first time.

However, if you push through (which doesn’t necessarily need to be hard) your brain will adapt. You will have much less trouble the next time. Just like when you start lifting weights it’s hard but after some time workout starts getting very enjoyable.

That’s what happens to your brain when you are learning touch typing (or any new skill for this record that is complex). After some time your brain will adapt to learning new things and will do this much quicker.

Touch typing is a complex skill that requires a lot of work from your brain to learn. That acts as a gym for your brain and trains it to learn other things better and faster. Because of that next new skill that you want to learn will be easier for you.

When you start learning new skills one after another it has a snowball effect. Starting slow and building new skills one after another quicker every time. Then you eventually become a snowman. That’s how it works.

Benefits of using touch typing (from actual typing)

There are plenty of reasons to learn touch typing. And I will tell you the most important ones from my experience. But you can also have your own reasons and your own benefits. There are many.

Starting with the most common though one. When you think about touch typing what first comes to your mind? I’m sure it’s this:

Touch typing gives you speed

That’s completely true. Touch typing is an advanced typing method for a reason. I can tell you from my experience that you can easily double or triple your plain regular typing speed with this skill.

I’m talking like you can average 100 WPM without much trouble (of course, if you follow the right learning process like in my course – shameless ad to my touch typing course).

For real though, you can definitely reach 100 WPM even without my course or from anybody else. You can learn touch typing just by trial and error and reach such speed. It will take you much longer but sure, you can do it.

Touch typing has a huge potential when it comes to speed. It is an advanced typing technique that was invented to make typing faster. Because of better movement efficiency and usage of muscle memory to type you get definitely reach the speed of normal talking.

And we’re not ending here. It is possible to reach a speed of 200 WPM. If you have no idea what it means – it is even faster than radio hosts’ speaking speed. Most definitely faster than normal conversation speaking speed.

It means that you can type as fast and even faster than you speak. That’s is really fast. Touch typing has great potential.

Touch typing makes you type fewer mistakes

Here’s another benefit that using touch typing will give you. When you use it as your typing method it will make your accuracy much higher. Of course, if you learn it right and get rid of bad habits. Then you will type extremely accurately.

I can tell you from my own experience. I can type a whole paragraph without making a single mistake.

Actually what you are reading right now is written with zero mistakes using the touch typing technique. It’s not like I was intentionally going slower just to get it right. I was actually typing at my normal speed.

I even surprised myself with that when writing it. I didn’t think I would get it. That’s the beauty of touch typing. Once you spend enough time practicing and learning proper movement then it becomes natural.

You start typing automatically so there’s much less space for mistakes. You don’t need to think about the keys to press. That’s why touch typing can provide you with such high accuracy with next to no effort typing it.

Touch typing from the way it’s created makes you type fewer mistakes. By using muscle memory you not only get better speed but also higher accuracy. It is because of the automation of finger movement when typing. It is beneficial for everybody typing but especially for certain jobs.

High accuracy is a great attribute, especially for people who need not make mistakes in their jobs. Just like software developers. If they make one mistake in their code they have to correct it.

Sometimes it is a simple fix with new editors, sometimes it takes quite some time. It’s better not to make any mistakes.

By keeping your accuracy high you can get more done because you simply don’t waste your time on correcting mistakes

Touch typing lets you be more productive

See what I wrote there? It lets you be more productive. It doesn’t make you more productive. It is just a tool and you decide how to use it.

If you use it correctly then I assure you that you will get much more productive. It is ridiculous how fast you can get things done. And I can tell you this from my own experience.

I type a lot on my keyboard. Most of the time I type when writing articles just like this one. And I’ve got to say, it is insane how fast I can write those. It is kind of an „unfair advantage” that I have thanks to touching typing.

The effects are really impressive. Not only because of the sheer speed but also of freeing your mind. Regular typing is really hard on brain resources. Even if you don’t notice it when typing regularly it really is tiring.

Touch typing lets you be more productive. It frees your mind from thinking about typing the next key on your keyboard. Seems like a small task to do but once you do it over and over again it adds up. Plus touch typing has amazing performance. Great potential when it comes to speed and accuracy.

When you learn touch typing and start typing more comfortably (like around 50 WPM) then you notice how easy it is. Touch typing is a skill that’s hard to learn. But once you learn it the typing itself becomes much easier.

Touch typing lets you type without looking at your keyboard

Touch typing not only lets you type without looking down at the keyboard. It was created for you to type without looking at any keys. This skill demands not to look at your keyboard.

But what does it give you when you don’t look at the keyboard?

First of all, you get the work of your eyes out of the equation. What you need to understand is that your eyes and your perception do a lot of work during regular hunt and peck typing.

By typing without your eyes on the keyboard you not only save yourself work to do. You also unlock the speed potential of automatic typing. That’s what touch typing was created for.

Because of typing without looking, you can pay more attention to the task you are doing. You no longer need to get your eyes out of the screen where you’re working just to look at your keyboard.

Touch typing lets you type without looking at your keyboard. Thanks to that you can pay much more attention to the work that you are doing. It is also less straining on you. There’s no need to look down and then back up again.

I made a whole article about hunt and peck typing. I talk there about whether or not it is a good typing method. If you want to read about it you can check it out here – ARTICLE ABOUT HUNT AND PECK TYPING

Touch typing lets you type more comfortably

This typing technique doesn’t only give you better speed and accuracy alongside an easier typing experience. It also gives you an ability for more comfort.

Because you no longer need to look down at your keyboard whenever you type you can fully enjoy something. Even when watching some videos on YT you can relax and easily control your computer or TV.

Even when typing for work you still can sit much more comfortably. When typing using touch typing technique you keep a certain position of your hands. With it and the right body posture, you will feel much more comfortable even when doing work.

Touch typing makes the whole typing experience more comfortable. You can very easily relax and use your keyboard without looking or thinking about how to type. When watching a movie you can type even with the lights out.

You can literally make your home cinema. Set up your computer screen or monitor, then sit some distance away, and then use your keyboard to control it. You would only need to buy a small keyboard for entertainment.

Touch typing lets you type in a much healthier way

It not only lets you do that. Touch typing technique in some way inclines you to type in a healthy way. There is a set hand position that you need to have in order to type using this method.

Touch typing also makes you have a good body posture. You don’t have to look down at your keyboard. That makes a lot of room for health improvements.

First of all, you can type while sitting in a good posture and having a good hands position. If you want to read more details about it you can read my other articles. In this one, I talk about good body posture – ARTICLE ABOUT BODY POSTURE. This one is about hand position when typing – ARTICLE ABOUT HAND POSITION

The next aspect in which touch typing benefits your health is your neck strain. Just because you no longer need to look at your keyboard and then back up. It releases the stress that you put on your neck doing that when typing regularly.

Another important aspect is eye strain. You can place your monitor on the right height and at the right distance from your eyes. That will make sure that your eyes stay healthy when typing. 

Touch typing gives a lot of health benefits. First of all, you can maintain a healthy body posture and hands position. Second, you don’t need to look down at your keyboard and then back up all the time. It saves your neck from strain. Thirdly you can work at a perfect height and distance of monitor to eyes.

But even though touch typing helps a lot when it comes to health you should still stand up and make a break every 1 hour. Just 5 – 10 minutes is enough to make a real difference.

Touch typing is actually easier to type once you learn it

Learning touch typing is hard to do. Many things can go wrong. You can learn so many bad habits and things that will slow you down. You could even learn the layout badly.

However, once you learn it touch typing gets so easy. Honestly, I still am sometimes shocked by how easy it is to type.

You literally don’t even have to think about what to type. You only think about the word or even the whole sentence if you are on that level. Then your fingers automatically type what you want to type. It is even hard to explain.

Touch typing can make typing on your keyboard extremely easy. It automates your fingers’ movement. You don’t even think or plan the actions that you need to take. You just do it with ease.

That is really beautiful about touch typing. When I started learning this skill I didn’t expect this to happen. I started learning because of the speed and productivity that it can give. But I was surprised in a very good way with it.

When learning we often look at those high speeds and want to get them so badly. And that’s good to set goals for yourself. But want to know what’s even better? People who can type at those speeds can often do it very easily. You can be one of them.

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