Keybr review – what is this site and is it worth practicing on?

Probably many of us heard something about Keybr. At least those of us who read a bit about touch typing. It is a fairly popular site. But still, there is a lot of confusion around it. About how it works. About how exactly it determines letters in practice.

In this article, I will tell you what Keybr is. I will also give my own experience with this program.

If you want to read about how to use it then you can check out my other article. I write there more details about the way Keybr works and I brake down the most important settings. You can read it here – ARTICLE HOW TO USE KEYBR

What is Keybr?

Let’s start with the most basic question – what even is keybr? If you’ve never heard of this site before it is created to learn typing. Actually, it is meant to help you practice typing on the keyboard.

It is an online program that in theory should help you improve your touch typing by improving your weaknesses. You pretty much go onto this site and start typing random letters. Atl east that’s what it looks like at the first glance.

After some time typing using Keybr, you start noticing that it gives you some keys over and over again. In fact, those chosen letters aren’t completely random. Keybr should (in theory) give your weakest keys (the ones you make most mistakes with) and make you practice them.

All of that with the intention of improving your typing. Well, that’s the theory. I will talk about the reality later on. For now, let’s sum everything up and answer this question – what is keybr?

Keybr is an online program that is created to help with improving your keyboard typing. It is meant to help you improve your weakest keys – the ones you make the most mistakes with. By practicing them over and over again you can get rid of your bad habits and create good muscle memory about those keys.

Sounds a bit complicated. Way too complicated than the actual program is. At least for the person who uses this program.

When you use Keybr you simply type the letters which appear. Some of them show more frequently than others. But you just type them and hope that the program is right.

Is Keybr free?

That’s a very important question! Is this program free or do you have to purchase it?

Keybr is completely free. It is an online program that you can access without any need to pay. You don’t even need to register if you don’t want you. There is a risk that you might lose your „progress” but it’s your choice. Keybr is free to use for everyone.

There’s not much to say about it. You can go to the website and use this program whenever you want to. It’s completely free and easily accessible.

How does Keybr work?

Here I will give you a quick run-through. If you want to know more details about the way Keybr works and how to use it check out my article. It’s a step-by-step guide – ARTICLE HOW TO USE KEYBR

The general idea of Keybr is pretty simple. You type what you see over and over again. That’s all you need to care about. At least in the beginning.

After some time you notice that there are different letters with various colors. It represents how much you „know” this letter on your keyboard. It is determined by the amount of typing you do, speed, and accuracy.

Basically, you type what’s on the screen and hope that the program chooses the right letters for you. Honestly, it works pretty well. It’s not perfect – that’s why you can get stuck on one letter for longer.

So, summing everything up here’s how Keybr works:

Keybr is an online program that works by collecting data about your performance with each key. You just type what you see on the screen and hope that the program is right. Keybr should give you the letters which are the hardest for you to type. With that, you can primarily practice the letters you make most mistakes with.

From the user’s point of view, Keybr should be pretty simple in the way it works. However, the reality is quite different. It gets stuck on some letters quite often without giving you any idea about how long it will be that way. But more about that later in this article.

Does Keybr save progress?

Will this program save progress or do you need to start from the beginning each time you use it? It seems pretty ridiculous this question, doesn’t it?

It would be a bad program if you had to start from scratch every time you want to use it. Keybr can save your progress. And it does even without any account. It stores cookies on your computer where it saves your progress and settings.

Of course, if you delete them (like while deleting your browser history you bastard) then Keybr will no longer have what to read from. Then you will use your „progress” in Keybr.

But there’s one more way to save your progress – register. After you do that Keybr will store your data on the account. You will be able to access it from anywhere in the world.

If you don’t know how to register on Keybr then you can check out my article. Honestly registering in this program is a bit weird so I wouldn’t be surprised if you had trouble. You can read about it here – ARTICLE HOW TO USE KEYBR

Keybr saves progress even if you don’t have an account. It stores all the data from your typing in cookies (unfortunately computer files, not real ones). Keybr will start all over again if you delete those. To make your progress a bit more safe you can create an account on Keybr to save your progress there.

If you want to you can save your progress on the account. Or if you don’t want to you can use Keybr without one. If you do you can actually reset your progress at any point you’d like. You can do this by deleting Keybr cookie files. It’s not that complicated and I talk about it in my article above.

Is Keybr a good typing program?

There are many aspects to this question. I can’t just tell you in one word. So, let’s start with the first one.

What can you learn using Keybr?

This is quite a unique program. You can’t really compare it to any different website because there’s none that works like this. It is a very good concept in my opinion – a program which makes you practice your worst keys the most.

With that, you can improve the aspects of typing in which you are the worst. Actually the letters you type with the most mistakes. In theory, by getting rid of your weaknesses you should type faster.

Keybr is a tool for typing practice. It puts the most attention on letters that are most difficult for you to type. By doing so you should type faster by eliminating mistakes that slow you down.

How well does Keybr do its job?

Well, here’s a worse part about this program. See, in theory, the whole idea is great. I’m honestly a fan of it myself. However, the execution of this idea isn’t that good. There are many mysteries about Keybr. You can’t know for sure why it chooses the letter it chooses.

Sometimes you can get stuck on one key and you don’t know why. Well, you know why it started but it keep you on this letter for way too long. It can even take 20 or 30 tries to move on. And sometimes it changes immediately after one short text.

How entertaining is Keybr?

Honestly – not too much. How entertaining a plain text can be? How entertaining retyping it can be?

I honestly have trouble keeping typing on Keybr for more than 10 minutes. It is simply boring to do so. All you see is just plain text and you have to retype it over and over again.

But you know what’s the sad thing about it? – Most of the free programs online are just like this. Boring and not that interesting. Out of the free ones, there’s Nitrotype, Typeracer, and a few more. Here’s an article about Typeracer if you want to read about it – ARTICLE TYPERACER REVIEW.

If you want something more than those ones then I recommend my own touch typing course. I’ve put a lot of effort to make it interesting. Not only efficient with lessons from my experience but also fun. You can read more about it here – MY TOUCH TYPING COURSE

Keybr is as entertaining as retyping plain text over and over again can be. There’s nothing more to this program. All you do is type a text which looks the same each time. Keybr doesn’t keep you involved in your practice.

How easy it is to navigate?

Honestly, I had a good experience with the Keybr menu. It is clean, well organized, and big enough that you don’t have trouble finding the right tab. It’s also pretty well-named.

But there’s one thing that’s even better for me. When you load up Keybr you don’t need to set up anything. You simply start typing. On the starting page (which is also a page for practicing) you have many useful things.

You can see which letters are worse and need practice. You can change a few settings straight on the practice page. Honestly, you have all you need to start typing and practice for 10 minutes. You don’t have to change any settings in the beginning.

How fast does Keybr load?

There’s no issue here. It will of course depend on your internet connection. But this website should load as fast as any other. Surprisingly it’s a very light program and you don’t have to wait until it loads up.

While on the topic of fast loading – Keybr is reliable. It doesn’t stop in the middle of your typing. That’s because it doesn’t require a lot of downloading or your computer resources to work well. It means that you can use Keybr without any issues on slower computers and worse internet connections.

How well does it look?

That is a fairly subjective aspect. I think Keybr looks pretty good. Especially since I remember the way this program looked some time ago. In terms of looks, Keybr definitely improved.

What I like are the clean-looking menu and settings. I think that the virtual keyboard looks good, definitely better than it used to. It is even animated. I also like the way keys light up to indicate which one you still need to work on.

Now, that was a lot of things that I said about Keybr. Now I will sum everything up for you. Is Keybr a good typing program? Here’s your quick summary:

Keybr is a good typing program. It is an original idea – the way it works. Keybr is meant to help you improve your weakest letters and by that improve your total speed. In practice, it’s not as good as it sounds but still good for a free program. Keybr looks good, is easy to navigate, and loads fast.

That’s a lot of things to put just in a few sentences. Honestly, I think that Keybr is worth giving a go. Try it out for yourself and decide if you like it or not.

Is Keybr good for beginners?

This program is created to help you improve your weaknesses. Does it mean though that Keybr is good for beginners?

This program helps with correcting mistakes. That’s a valuable thing, especially for beginners. That’s the time when you make most mistakes and you can quite easily get rid of them. When you’re just starting out.

So when it comes to what Keybr is meant to help with – it’s great for beginners. Now let’s look at how this program does it.

Keybr isn’t the most beginner-friendly typing program. It looks clean but plain at the same time. Even though I like how it looks I wouldn’t want to spend much time practicing there. That’s a huge problem for every beginner.

Keybr is pretty boring and repetitive. The concept of correcting your mistakes is good. Those „words” that Keybr generates aren’t often actual words. They’re just a group of letters.

With all that said – Is Keybr really good for beginners?

Keybr is a program meant to help correct mistakes. In theory, you should improve your weaknesses when using them. This is especially helpful for beginners as it is easiest to correct bad habits early on. However, Keybr is boring to practice on which can make beginners discouraged.

I don’t like typing on Keybr. It is just too repetitive. Even the words are just a mess of letters that you’re worst at typing. It makes the whole typing practice hard to sit through. That’s not the best way to learn touch typing.

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This is a fraud! I made an order two months ago but their support staff keep telling me that the item I chose to purchase is in a different warehouse, and that i must wait for a longer time. They don’t offer a specific date and time, and on their site, I don’t see my order’s status anymore. devastates me!