10 finger typing – what is that method and is it worth learning?

Many times, especially when just starting to use the keyboard, we type with only two fingers. Have you ever wondered what would happen, if we used all 100% of our brain… I mean fingers?

Sorry, I got a bit carried away. The thing is that for many of us 10 finger typing is sort of a very hard skill to acquire. For me, it also was just a far-away idea. Something that I could possibly learn, but it would take a lot of time.

Until I learned it myself.

What is 10 finger typing?

This skill is not some sort of really hard to get an ancient artifact from an RPG game. It is a real skill done by real people, including myself.

10 finger typing is kind of a casual name for a particular typing technique. It involves, you guessed it, typing with all your 10 fingers. I’m not gonna keep it a secret from you. Here’s what 10 finger typing is really called:

10 finger typing is an unofficial phrase. It is used to describe typing techniques that require you to use all 10 fingers. Especially it is used as another name for touch typing technique. It is a typing method that makes use of all your ten fingers to type. It is based on muscle memory and has many great benefits.

If you want to learn to type with your ten fingers, my recommendation is the touch typing technique. It is reliable, you can train yourself to do it with the right resources and it works wonderfully. It is ridiculous how fast you can type using the touch typing technique.

I made an article about the basics of touch typing for those who are just starting out. If you’re one of those people who never got into touch typing, you should definitely check it out. It’s a great place to start. Here’s my article – ARTICLE TOUCH TYPING BASICS

What is 10 finger typing method called?

Typing with 10 fingers is just a phrase. It’s a way to describe a typing technique. In theory, it is only it – a phrase. But in practice, it is used as a name for a specific typing technique.

This typing method makes use of all ten fingers to type. It is much faster than typing the normal way. It is because this technique was developed to maximize typing speed.

It is done by minimizing finger movement (that’s why it’s often called 10 finger typing) and also making use of muscle memory. Those things shorten the way that you need to travel, reduce the number of tasks required to type, and make you do them faster.

10 finger typing is used as a name for touch typing. It is because the touch typing technique requires you to use ten fingers when typing. Doing that minimizes the movement that you need to do. As consequence it makes you type faster. 10 finger typing is not an official name for the touch typing method, it is referred to as such.

There’s no typing method that’s called 10 finger typing. It is a phrase that’s used to describe touch typing.

Is typing with 10 fingers faster?

This typing method that’s using 10 fingers to type always seemed superior to me. Maybe not always, from the time that I’ve heard about it. It makes the impression that it is some kind of rare skill that only a few can do.

Is it actually like that? Is typing with 10 fingers that great and superior? Or is it all just a silly fantasy?

To my surprise, it is actually one of the most amazing skills that I’ve learned. It is honestly so incredible for me that it’s better than I thought.

Keep in mind though that I’m a blogger. I write a lot, and I mean a lot, on my keyboard. To write an article I need to type in at least 2000 words. That’s quite an amount, don’t you think?

I’ve had plenty of time to test the touch typing technique in practice. And I’ve got to say – it is incredible. It is not only much faster, it is also very comfortable to type. I no longer have to look at my keyboard at all when I type.

I’m not saying that I am the best typer in the world. It’s not true. What I’m saying is that from my experience touch typing is an amazing skill that I’m glad I’ve learned.

Typing with 10 fingers (aka touch typing) is an incredibly fast technique with a lot of potentials (even 250 WPM is possible). It doesn’t mean that you will be faster just by changing to this method. You need to put in a lot of time and effort in order to build the proper muscle memory. Once you do, the effects are well worth it.

I prove it myself. And I can do this because this whole article is written using the touch typing technique. I love this typing method and honestly recommend it to anyone who types a lot on the keyboard. If you are writing your own books or work a lot using the keyboard – this skill is for you.

For all of you who want to start learning touch typing – be patient. Start from the basics and use the right resources. I made an article that’s meant to introduce you to this skill. It has all the basics and I wrote it so people just starting out will get everything. Here is the link to my article – ARTICLE TOUCH TYPING BASICS

Is it worth learning 10 finger typing?

10 finger typing is by default more movement efficient than typing with, let’s say, two fingers. It is going to win kind of by its nature.

Although there’s something important to understand – just because 10 finger typing is a better method doesn’t mean that you will be faster using it. Touch typing (which requires you to type using 10 fingers) is a skill that you need to learn.

There are no cuts, there’s no going around, and there are no tricks that will make you type using this method instantly. You need to sacrifice time and effort to learn touch typing. You need to develop the right muscle memory. Only then it will be faster.

Typing with all 10 fingers is generally a faster method than typing with two fingers. It is definitely worth learning, it has great benefits and affects your typing tremendously. Some of those advantages are much faster typing, great comfort when typing, and better focus on the task that you are doing.

Touch typing has so many great benefits to learning it that I couldn’t fit them all in this section. I made a whole article where I focus on the great advantages of learning touch typing. You can read this article here if you want to – ARTICLE BENEFITS OF TOUCH TYPING

Should I learn to type with 10 fingers?

This is more of a „you” question. I can’t give you a „Yes” or „No” answer. What I can do is give you a few tips and signs so that you can make the right decision.

Let’s start with those of you who will benefit from touch typing. I will be more precise, those who will benefit a lot. Everyone who types on the keyboard will get advantages once they learn touch typing. But let’s talk for a second about those who will really benefit a lot.

Starting with authors, people who write books, bloggers, and software developers. In one word – everyone who types on their keyboard a lot. Especially when it’s a daily job. Those people will get huge benefits from learning touch typing.

Now let’s talk about the opposite side – people who I think shouldn’t learn touch typing. It doesn’t mean that you can’t if you’re one of those people. Just don’t expect a huge difference.

Everyone who rarely uses their keyboard will not benefit from learning this skill. If you spend less than half an hour typing every week, there’s no real point in learning touch typing. Maybe you could learn it just for the comfort of typing without looking.

Those are two opposite sides. What about people who fall in between?

Well, for everyone who finds themselves in between – I think learning touch typing is still very worth it. You need to decide it for yourself, but most of the time I would recommend it.

Typing with 10 fingers is great for most people but not for everybody. People who will benefit from it the most are authors, software developers, and people who type a lot on their keyboards (ideally as a job). People who will not benefit from learning touch typing are those who spend less than 0.5 h typing weekly.

Not everybody benefits from learning touch typing. I will not try to sell this skill. It might just not be right for you. For me, it was the best computer skill I’ve learned ever. It is such a great skill with a huge potential to learn more.

Even though I use this skill for quite some time now I still can improve it. Still can become better at touch typing technique. This is the beauty of this skill’s potential.

How do you type with 10 fingers?

You’ve already decided to learn touch typing yourself. Great! But now what? How exactly can you do this? What do you need to do in order to learn touch typing?

First of all, let me say this – it’s not a short nor easy skill to learn. You need to put in the time and effort that it requires to develop muscle memory.

I’ve made a more detailed article about the time it takes to learn touch typing. From that article, you will get an idea of how long it takes. You can check it out here – ARTICLE TIME TO LEARN TOUCH TYPING

Now you know that it will take time, so don’t expect instant results. It’s better that way, you can always have a nice surprise. With that being said let’s get into practical things. How can you type with 10 fingers? What do you need to do to learn this skill?

Typing with 10 fingers is an advanced skill to learn. In order to do that you need to learn the touch typing technique and develop the required muscle memory. In other words, you need to learn touch typing in order to type with 10 fingers. You can do it with practice and the right resources to lead you through.

There are many things that you need to know before even starting with touch typing. You need the fundamentals in order to develop good muscle memory. If you start without them you can learn a lot of bad habits which will be hard to get rid of later on.

But don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone on that. I made a whole detailed series about learning touch typing. I’m sure you will get a lot of value from it.

I recommend you to start with the first article all about the basics. Those simple but fundamental things are really important to learn before moving on. You can read this article here – ARTICLE TOUCH TYPING BASICS

I’m sure that with those resources you can start your learning journey much stronger and better. Take your time and don’t rush to put a good foundation for this typing skill.

How long does it take to learn to type with 10 fingers?

I’m not gonna lie, learning to type with 10 fingers is not an easy task. You need to spend quite some time and effort even before you see any results. It is the nature of this skill, it is based on muscle memory.

Touch typing takes at least a month to learn on a basic level. But not too much time each day. I’m talking about half an hour each day for a month. Then you will start getting results if you do everything correctly.

It’s not hard to learn the skill itself when you are doing it correctly. It’s harder to learn the skill as you should do it.

When you get along the way to properly learning touch typing then it’s just a matter of time before you type at amazing speeds. But you didn’t come here for the general info. You came here to get a straight-up answer to this question – how long does it take to learn to type with 10 fingers?

Learning to type with 10 fingers is a process that requires you to build muscle memory. Based on my research about touch typing it takes about two months to get from the very beginning to 50 WPM with the right resources. Following a certain order of learning and building, proper technique speeds up the whole process tremendously.

It is very important to have a good technique from the very beginning. With that, you can avoid many complications later on the way. Even the order of learning parts of the touch typing technique is important for the best result.

If you want to step up your game and start with the highest quality resources – then I’ve got something special for you. I’ve created my own touch typing course where I teach every step and every detail to get the most from your learning. You can check out my course here – MY TOUCH TYPING COURSE

You can’t learn touch typing in just one day. You need to spend at least a month building your muscle memory properly. If you want to know more detail about the time that it takes, I recommend an article that I’ve made. You can read it here – ARTICLE TIME TO LEARN TOUCH TYPING

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